“Visiting in Cherni Osam” – Magical evening

Pre-Christmas event of the Museum of Natural Science and the Community Centre " Znanie" 1906.

The magic of St. Andrew’s Day, also known as Bearsday, came to life in an exciting event called “Visiting Cherni Osam”.

The Natural Science Museum in Cherni Osam, together with the Community Centre “Znanie” 1906, organized an autumn and Christmas event, which was possible thanks to the financial support of the Municipality of Troyan under the Cultural Calendar for 2023.

Visitors soaked in the warm atmosphere and enjoyed an interesting talk on the life of animals in winter. An expert from the Central Balkan National Park shared valuable knowledge and impressive facts that broadened the horizons of all present. Hands big and small got creative in the workshop where they created wonderful Christmas decorations. The resulting decorations will be displayed at a Christmas bazaar by the “Zvonche” preschool Cherni Osam. For lovers of good cuisine, a competition for “Secret recipe” was held in two directions: prepared in a traditional way for the season or with a unique recipe from the village of Cherni Osam. It ended with amazing winners, adding smiles to the festive day.

We express our gratitude to all the participants of this wonderful event who made the day even more special. We wish everyone a magical December filled with joy and magic!

The pre-Christmas event “Visiting Cherni Osam” promises to make you part of the magic of the upcoming holidays! An evening full of taste, aroma and mood.

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