Together towards a green future: Preparing for the energy renewal of the Natural Science Museum – Cherni Osam

Substantial improvement of the Natural Science Museum in the village of Cherni Osam, Troyan Municipality, is about to be completed thanks to the energy efficiency project approved at the end of 2023. The project, “Energy renovation of a building for public services in the field of culture, which is the Natural Science Museum in the village of Cherni Osam, Municipality of Troyan” №BG-RRP-4.020-0077, is part of the efforts to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings funded under the procedure of the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

The value of the project is BGN 1 046 120,00, BGN 784 278 are from the Grant and the rest of the amount – BGN 261 842 is national co-financing. The project covers a number of measures to improve the energy efficiency of the building.
The museum building is divided into three main parts: a centrally located entrance space with one level to the east of which are two-storey exhibition halls and to the west a single-storey exhibition hall. The project aims to improve the temperature conditions in the museum throughout the year, while significantly reducing heating costs. By replacing windows, insulating the walls and roof, and implementing energy efficient lighting and heating, the project seeks to provide comfort during the colder months and create a cozy environment during the rest of the year. Further works included are the provision of lightning protection, photovoltaic installation and solar collector installation. These improvements are aimed at achieving a more efficient use of energy by creating a more sustainable energy infrastructure in response to the general trend of saving energy and putting green ideas into practice.

The Natural Science Museum attracts many visitors throughout the year, with nearly 38,000 registered visitors in the past year 2023. The trend of increasing visitor curiosity about biodiversity and preserved nature as a setting for sustainable and harmonious living requires a clear, well-reasoned and understandable response from the museum institution.

The forthcoming changes to the NEMO are in line with the general policy for the development of European museums adopted at the NEMO conference in November 2023 and respond to the slogan ” And … ACTION! – Museums in the climate crisis” (ACT!ON).

The implementation of the energy efficiency project is our contribution to the implementation of the European Green Pact in Europe’s quest to be the first climate neutral continent, with the future of the planet in mind.

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