“The Gifts of the Earth” – annual exhibition of DAFNI visits the museum in February

The exhibition focuses on the blessings that nature gives us.

The “Gifts of the Earth” exhibition, organized by the Society of Animalists, Florists and Scientific Illustrators (SAFSI), will be open to the public in the Museum’s halls throughout the month of February, providing an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the works on display and learn about the diversity of natural phenomena and life forms in art and science.

“If most of the exhibitions organized so far have been dedicated to certain species of plants and animals, habitats, and nature conservation in general, this time we ( DAFNI) have decided to focus on the blessings it bestows upon us.” The Society’s participating artists have once again succeeded in proving that beauty is not so much a quality of the object depicted, but rather the subject of the artist’s senses and aesthetic pursuits. In the exhibition you will undoubtedly find some of the most preferred and popular plants used in cooking and medicine, curious herbs, spices and opiates.

Enjoy the wide variety of plant species – some well known, others exotic, but all beautiful and beneficial to mankind.


The exhibition features works by Ana Avramova, Ana Sokerova, Anelia Pashova, Assen Ignatov, Asya Kamenova, Ventsislav Krastev, Georgi Pchellarov, Denitsa Peneva, Dina Rogatnich, Eric Daniel, Ekaterina Kozhuharova, Zornitsa Garkova, Ignata Vassileva, Iliya Boyarov, Nikoela Walter, Luben Domozetsky, Maria Krumovska, Milena Radeva, Natalia Stambolova, Snezhina Popova and Slavena Peneva.

Curator: Hristina Grozdanova

Open to the public from 1 February to 29 February at the Natural Science Museum – Cherni Osam.


The project is realized with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture” under the program “One-year grant – 2022”.

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