SUMMER in the cradle of nature – getting closer to culture and nature in an unforgettable event

07, 08, 09 July

The week of July 7-9 turned into a true celebration of nature that brought together art, music and food lovers from near and far. On the days set aside for this event, the museum hosted a host of activities that captivated the senses and left unforgettable memories in the hearts of visitors.

Friday evening (7 July) was dedicated to Bulgarian cinema. Under the stars, in the courtyard of the museum, visitors enjoyed an old Bulgarian film for young and old. For some visitors it showed a new and unknown world, for others memories of the past.

The Saturday day (8 July) was filled with sunny mood and creativity. Together with Maya Sueva, a talent in fine arts, we welcomed over 30 children. Under her guidance, the children let their imagination run wild and created on glass cups. The result was exceptionally beautiful and unique works that became a memento of their visits to the museum.

The evening turned into an unforgettable musical and culinary journey. Under the sounds of Geri Kostova’s guitar and Svetoslav Todorov’s bagpipe, all the guests were captivated by the magic of music. The aroma from the exquisite table was in the air and turned the evening into a real treat for the senses. Milena Georgieva and Miroslav Dimitrov created delicious dishes inspired by the theme “Edible Plants”. Guests enjoyed a variety of unique flavours while learning interesting facts about plants, mushrooms and bread making.

The last day (9 July) was dedicated to an outdoor walk in the surroundings of the village. A member of the Natural Science Museum team led the group on an amazing journey, telling them about the variety of plants, fungi and animals that are currently found. There was great interest in observing and identifying the birds around us, which made the walk even more exciting.

“Summer in the Cradle of Nature” was organized with the financial support of Troyan Municipality under the Cultural Calendar for 2023. This event has become a bridge connecting people with culture and nature, and gave everyone the opportunity to discover the joy of a new experience. Lovers of cinema, fine art, music, cuisine and nature found their place under the open sky, creating memories and impressions that will be remembered for a long time to come.

The culinary recipes “Tasty Seasons from the Balkan” are the result of the recipes collected over the past 2023. The booklet prepared by Milena Georgieva consists of 4 main parts – “Spring Feeders”, “Summer Treats”, “Autumn Abundance”, “Delicious Winters”. In each part designed for each season, there are highlights of typical for the season species of plants that can be eaten. As the publication spreads, nature, biodiversity and cultural heritage are presented. cooking-book_2023_print_01


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