Shared Joy: Children’s workshop for making bird feeders

Birds around us and how to help them in winter

Transported to the world of birds, today the museum team, together with students from 1 class from “Hristo Botev” Primary School and students from the National School for Mountain Guides – Cherni Osam, created a wonderful event.


With smiles on their faces, students learned about the variety of birds that inhabit our region and how they can provide them with appropriate support during the winter months. After the engaging talks, it was time for the little hands to show off their creativity. Making bird feeders was the most exciting part. Using only the simplest and most affordable materials, each bird feeder created became unique and one-of-a-kind, dedicated to the mission of protecting our feathered friends.

The workshop made the children not only unleash their imagination but also actively participate in getting involved in caring for nature. Each bird feeder made undoubtedly contains a piece of them.

With joy and satisfaction, this day turned into an unforgettable adventure for all of us – a journey into the world of nature and creativity.

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