Previous volunteers

Leonie Weber and Kara Wöhl

We are volunteers from Germany, working in the Natural Science Museum in Cherni Osam, starting September 2021 until February of 2022.

After 12 years of education, we finished school, needing a break from studying and wanting to travel and discover something new. Therefore, we applied to an organization called “kulturweit” which arranges international volunteer services, working in schools, german institutions, museums, national parks connected to UNESCO and other cultural and natural organizations.

Our adventure started in a small town called “Nauheim”, where we met for the first time to begin the long

journey, driving towards Bulgaria and an even smaller town called “Cherni Osam”. We arrived on the 14th of September and were welcomed from the start.

Soon we got used to the village life, the work in the museum and the warm weather, which st

ill felt like summer. On the weekend, we went out to explore Bulgaria, meet other volunteers and enjoy the beautiful nature and landscapes.

Then the winter came and we had to adapt to the low temperature and heating only one room, the kitchen, with wood. We got used to it pretty quickly and learned to love the coziness of sitting in front of the fire, cooking on the stove and spending time together.

Now our volunteer service is almost over and we already miss this place. We are thankful that we were able to experience the life here in Bulgaria. We will always remember the time we spent here and make sure to come back and visit Cherni Osam in summer.

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