Photo exhibition of the 14th IFS “The Wild”

One of the most exotic exhibitions of 2023

The exhibition of the 14th International Photo Salon “The Wild” presents the best images taken by professional photographers from all over the world who worship the splendour of wild nature. These masters of photography successfully reflect the beauty and majesty of nature in their images, introducing, inspiring and teaching generations a love and adoration for life.

Just a glance at the statistics reveals the magnitude of this photo salon. Over two thousand photographs from around the world that captured the perfection of nature were subjected to a rigorous selection process. After this careful process, 197 photographers from 37 different countries remained, presenting a total of 517 exceptional photographs. As a final selection, the jury chose 76 unique images, which were exhibited on September 20 in the foyer of Sevlievo Municipality – traditional host of the photo salon “The Wild”.
The exhibition is divided into three fascinating sections, giving visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of wild nature. During the months from November to January, the three sections will be presented in turn at the Natural Science Museum in Cherni Osam . Following the natural order of things, visitors will observe the first one first, which consists of a  collection of amazing footage of wild animals, birds and fish. The second section offers the opportunity to get to know the animals of the zoo through impressive photographs, and in the third section, you will find amazing landscapes, captured with skill and passion for nature.

This photo salon “The Wild” is not just an exhibition, it is a real journey full of beauty and inspiration. Each photo tells the story of life and the richness of wildlife, leading us on a constant fascinating adventure.

More about the exhibition and the official award ceremony:

The project “NSFA – Photography in Focus”, which the IFS “Wild” 2023 is a part of, is realized with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture” under the program “Program for Recovery and Development of Private Cultural Organizations”.

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