Exhibition “Metamorphosis” – Adriana Hristova

Until 12 December at the museum

The opening of the exhibition “Metamorphosis” by the Turnov-based artist Adriana Hristova Arts showed us once again that art, intertwined with the irreversible movement of natural cycles, animals and humans, is what brings us all together and makes us one.
We are delighted that Adriana chose the Natural Science Museum to present her solo exhibition. It can be viewed through December 12 at the museum.


The exhibition “Metamorphosis” by the artist Adriana Hristova from Veliko Tarnov explores the theme of the changes that quite naturally occur in nature and form a unique and unified ecosystem. Being an invariable part of the irreversible movement of natural cycles, animals, including humans, are transformed from one form of life into another form of existence.

In this very natural and organic metamorphosis, in a discreetly surreal way, the author sought to convey her love and admiration for all living things and the nature that always prevails.

Arranged in partnership with the Museum of Natural Science – Cherni Osam, this exhibition aims to draw the public’s attention to the importance of knowing and preserving local animal species as a necessary and vital part of the larger global organism, and at the same time to present the aesthetics of the living world through the expressive means of art.

Adriana Hristova is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at St. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Painting from Associate Professor Yordan Parushev and a Master’s degree in Graphic Arts from Associate Professor Hristo Tsatsinov. Member of the association “Iaction”, which in the period 2012-2015 worked on the creative project “Hedgehog-Club for Cultural Initiatives”. Other artistic appearances of Adriana Hristova:

2012 – Solo exhibition “A hidden place”- Sofia. A Hidden Place – an exhibition “A Hidden Place” – Veliko Tarnovo

2014 – Joint exhibition “Collective” – Veliko Tarnovo. Veliko Tarnovo

2014 – Joint exhibition “Collective” – Veliko Tarnovo. Plovdiv

2014 – 2017 – Participation in annual formats of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Plovdiv. Veliko Tarnovo

23.02.2018 – Solo exhibition “The Secret Garden”- Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Troyan

2019 – Collective exhibition “Forest and Sea” – Troyan, Bulgaria. Plovdiv

2019 – Solo exhibition in “Plus this” – town of Plovdiv. Sofia

2020 – Solo exhibition “Cards to the summer” – Veliko Tarnovo

2020 – Participation in Illustrators Wall at Bologna children book fair

June 2022 – Speaker in the form for active women “She” at the Creative Academy “Ekaterina Karavelova” – Veliko Tarnovo. Veliko Tarnovo

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