Adventures of the Rangers: Celebrating World Ranger Day 31 July

The fourth annual Ranger Day (July 31) celebration, dedicated to the bravery, perseverance and dedication of park employees to our natural environment, was held on Saturday, July 29, in the courtyard of the Museum of Natural Science and Mountain Guide School. The event was a joint initiative between the National Park “Central Balkan ” and the Mountain Guide School, and among the guests were members of the Wild Bees Scout Club – Pleven , who presented their activities and skills.

At 10 specially prepared stations, junior rangers experienced an unforgettable adventure that exposed them to the daily life of park employees. Each station featured a different activity that required the rangers’ skills such as dexterity, practicality and speed. Inspired and excited, they embarked on the challenges, determining the age of trees, working with a compass on winter markings and finding animal tracks. With the help of the rangers from the Central Balkan National Park, the young participants received full information about the diversity of animal and plant species inhabiting the Central Balkan Mountains, as well as about the difficulties rangers face on a daily basis in their service. Some of the 10 wanderings also included descending over the river with a rope trolley, climbing a climbing wall, passing through obstacles, and showing dexterity and speed skills. Junior Rangers braved the challenges, proving their skill and dedication to protecting nature.

Ranger Day ended with the awarding of certificates to all participants, now rangers, and with well-deserved gifts from the organizers. With gratitude to all for their participation, we wish to see you again in anticipation of next year’s new challenge.

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